Health Check and Fitness Assessment

The Project Active Health Check and Fitness Assessment is designed to give you a full MOT and help you set personal health, fitness and wellbeing goals so that you can lead the life you want.  It provides a vital benchmark of your status today, and covers key aspects of health, fitness, nutrition, and wellbeing.

We will provide a full report which will help you understand the key issues that directly affect your health, fitness and wellbeing. It will provide a baseline, identify potential problem areas on which to focus your personal goal, and a starting point from which to measure improvements.

What happens?

We will discuss your requirements and, through a needs analysis, will identify the assessment critieria. We may ask you to complete some questionnaires prior to the assessment, which takes one hour to 90 minutes to complete. We will give you some immediate feedback and a few days later you will receive a full report.

Although it can be used as a one-off measure, many of our clients use the health check and fitness analysis as a starting point to then work on a programme with us to improve certain areas.

The information you provide is confidential; if necessary we will recommend you visit a GP or other medical professional.

Health, fitness and lifestyle indicators

We make our assessment from a wide range of indicators from a general ‘MOT’ of your health and fitness to performance specific profiling. We will help you identify those factors of your health, fitness and lifestyle that matter the most to you.


  • Blood pressure / heart rate: How high is your blood pressure? Discover the importance of your blood pressure and heart rate measurements to your current health and fitness.
  • BMI/ Body composition:  What are your readings and risks? What percentage body fat have you got? This gives a vital indication of your health and is a great way to measure progress ahead.
  • Lung function: How strong and powerful are yours? Assess your lung capacity and strength.


  • Metabolic rate: What’s your daily energy expenditure and recommended calorie intake? We calculate these and your basal metabolic rate.
  • Cardiovascular fitness: Assess yourself against this all-round indicator of health and fitness, vital for lung and heart health. Choose from a variety of fun and unique analyses to assess your performance.
  • Muscular strength and endurance: How strong and fit are you for your daily activities and leisure pursuits?
  • Power, speed and agility: Discover your potential to produce quick, controlled movements, perfect for assessing your performance in your chosen sport or pastime
  • Functional Movement Screening:  How does your body work as a unit? What’s your posture like?  What’s your core strength and range of motion? Discover what areas need attention and learn how your lifestyle and exercise plan can work together.


  • Nutrition and Diet: How healthy is your diet? Discover the impact of your diet on your health and wellbeing. Analysis includes a full assessment of a 7-day food diary.
  • Habits: Do you drink or smoke? What is your activity level? Our habits and lifestyle can impact directly on our health and sense of wellbeing. Analysis includes a simple questionnaire with self-rating assessment.
  • Wellbeing: How stressed do you feel? What is your quality of sleep? Our sense of wellbeing affects our motivation and energy levels.  Analysis includes a simple questionnaire with self-rating assessment.


The assessment costs £70.

Let us help you work on your health, fitness and wellbeing. We offer a range of packages to suit all levels of fitness and all pockets. Check out our services page for more information.

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