Winter’s Here – How Should You be Exercising When it’s Freezing Out?

Posted by on Wednesday, December 5, 2012

With many of us in the UK exercising freezing cold temperatures and snow, what should us fitness focused individuals do?

Well, the cold temperatures shouldn’t stop you exercising outside, just make sure to wrap up warm. Yes, you’ll warm up considerably when running but not being sufficiently layered can be bad for your health and when exercising you can sometimes forget just how cold it is outside.

Your muscles will probably need a little coaxing to get them going though, so (and you should be doing this already) use a warm up routine before you exercise. This will get your body temperature up a bit and your muscles will be ready to get to work!


Exercise if the perfect cure for winter blues – it helps keep your mood and energy levels up throughout the dark evenings! It is common to eat more during the winter (how could you resist filling winter warmers like casseroles?) and exercise helps keep those extra calories under control.

I have a cold – should I not exercise?

There is no need to stop exercising when you’re feeling a bit under the weather, in fact it’ll probably do you some good. Of course, if you’re feeling truly awful then it’d be best to rest up, so use a little common sense! One instance when you shouldn’t exercise however is when you have a raised temperature.

While a fever is rarely a accompaniment of a cold, if you do have one you should get rest and it’s not something people just say. Exercising with a fever makes you feel worse and can be potentially dangerous for you.

If you need a bit of encouragement to get exercising in this weather we can highly recommend group fitness activities – getting fit is more fun when you’re not alone!