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“It sounds silly, but I was not sure how to get fit and then to sustain that fitness and then  I saw a flyer first, then heard about Project Active through a friend… read more”  

Adam Cummings, 52 yrs, Technician, Woodstock, Oxon


“I engaged Ben’s services through his long-standing reputation and flexibility around work hours for Personal Training sessions to fit in with a hectic work schedule and manic family life.  The aim was simple – Recover from a slipped disc and lost fitness levels. Without over-egging it was life-changing for me. I could barely walk when we started and I’m running 10km several times a week now and living a much healthier life. Ben’s careful observation of tailored workout sessions – ensuring everything was aligned and progressing properly.

Jon Goldsmith, 42 yrs, Tour Agent, Witney

“Ben run’s team sessions at my work & I have personal training with him

Ben explained the bigger picture of how we will build my strength and confidence back first and then created short sessions around my lunchtimes at work. Every exercise we did he corrected, helped me understand when I could push myself more and when to reign it back a bit. I used to be really into sports and HIIT style sessions but postpartum I couldn’t really trust my body as much as before; my muscles felt so out of place. Although the exercises we are doing seem simple; with the right form, the right amount of repetitions and encouragement at the end of every session I feel as good as I used to after a HIIT session. I like his expertise and professionalism. He explains what’s going on with my muscles and pushes me when I don’t think I can go any further. It’s a nice balance between breaking physical and mental barriers. I was skeptical at first because having always been into sports and fitness I felt comfortable in my workouts but Ben has really brought my confidence back – particularly post partum I felt a little lost with what I could and couldn’t do.  I also like that he has a plan and we can build of setting my goals!”

Elisa Marshall, 32 yrs , Client Experience Exec, Witney 


“I have been training under Bens supervision since 2013, in various forms, including circuit training, spin classes, hiking, mountain biking & personal training…..read more”

Rahul Patel, 47 yrs, Dentist, Witney, Oxon


Ben has worked miracles over the past few months really helping me get back to fitness after a broken knee cap.  I’ve always been pretty fit enjoying endurance sport and assumed I would get back to fitness quickly after my injury but 12 months on I was still in pain and unable run or train properly.  Ben came to the rescue and got me back to basics, building up my strength and mobility before working on my overall fitness.  Being an impatient kind of person I’d been trying to run before I could walk and was getting so frustrated that I couldn’t do what I had been previously been fit enough to do before the accident. He was amazing at understanding what bits of the body were not functioning properly and devising exercises and drills to rectify any imbalances.  I saw the difference within just a few weeks and about 6 weeks on I was back to full strength – in fact my core strength has improved significantly!  Having spent a year undergoing physio with limited results I wished I had started seeing Ben sooner.   I am now totally pain free and pretty much back to original fitness and most importantly enjoying all kind of sports again.”

 – Vicky H, (Programme Manager & Team Leader), Bladon



“Ben has helped me to get my work-life balance better, before I started having PT sessions I was working all hours then sleeping, but now I have a lot more energy due to the twice weekly PT sessions. The content is varied, and Ben is very encouraging. My physical and mental health is much better. Project Active has made me almost enjoy physical exercise, as the sessions are varied and hard enough work to make big improvements in my fitness levels. If you want to kick start an exercise plan, whether to shift pounds or to feel stronger and healthier then Project Active is ideal, I have been using a range of the classes and PT lessons, and all have been great. I’m considerable fitter and all-round healthier than I was a year ago. I’m very proud of my new biceps.” (Summer 2009)

“I have been using Project Active for PT sessions for about 4 years now.  I am far too lazy to exercise off my own bat, and so I need the discipline that Ben provides. My goal is as simple as all-round health and keeping trim, and by doing these sessions, I have, almost without realising it, become fit enough to complete a 90 mile bike ride for charity which I actually thoroughly enjoyed. As a desk-based worker I also find the sessions very good for ensuring I remain mobile. Thoroughly recommended!” (Spring 2013)

 – Carolyn F, (Programme Manager & Team Leader), Witney

“I have never really been into fitness, even at school I would avoid doing anything more than the bare minimum.  I was lucky enough to enjoy a naturally slim figure right through to my mid thirties without doing any proper exercise.  Since then the pounds have slowly crept on and earlier this year I decided it was time to do something physical.  By chance I heard about Ben’s spinning classes which were being held quite close to where I live.  I emailed to check that they were suitable for beginners and attended a trial session.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was hard!  I’ve been attending for about eight weeks now and it’s still hard but with Ben’s encouraging banter I am persevering and getting stronger.  In fact I am about to sign up for next season’s sessions so it must be good!”

Sam D (Accountant)


“I have known Ben personally for 23 years, having attended secondary school together.  In 2010 Ben brought Project Active’s Spinning Classes to Stonesfield (Village Hall, Monday evenings, 7.30 and 8.30pm).  I had never attended a Spinning Class before but from the first session, I have really enjoyed it.  It’s hard work but very satisfying and definitely worthwhile!  Not only is it good exercise but it’s also an opportunity to meet other people from the village and surrounding area – it’s great to have a Spinning class on your doorstep.  Ben’s also very good at passing on information about local and national challenges that members of the Spinning group may be interested in taking part in, encouraging us to individually, or in teams, take on challenges such as the Three Peaks Challenge, the Blenheim Triathlon or the Great North Run – all with support, advice (and training, if required) from Ben and Project Active.  If you’ve not tried Spinning before, then give it a go!”

Jess H, Marketing Manager.



“I attend lunchtime fitness sessions held by Ben from Project Active with a number of my colleagues. They are a great way to train, adding variety, encouragement and planning to a session, sometimes with a bit of healthy competition and always conducted in a good spirit. As an F1 engineer working with the race and test teams I don’t have a lot of time, but I really enjoy the sessions which fit well around work and always feel well thought out. Normally a runner, it’s been a plus for me to include other activities in my routine and I always feel I’ve had a workout.”

Dom H, Wiliams F1 

 “I had completely underestimated the difference a personal trainer could make! I would never push myself as much working alone or even in a class. He is understanding of the fact that I have a small child and often have disturbed sleep and he might arrive with me feeling very tired but we work through the session at a pace that is tough but manageable. It is a real luxury to have a personal trainer come to the house but it is now the last luxury I would give up as it is such a positive in my life!!”

– Carole W, Events Management, (Swinbrook), 

“I’ve been training with Ben up to twice a week for about 9 years and in that time my core stability has vastly improved such that I no longer get the lower back pain that I used to and my posture, particularly in running, is much improved. Ben takes into account my specific needs and goals for training and tailors each session depending on how I’m feeling. Ben is always up to date on new techniques so that it’s impossible to get bored or complacent as he’s often trying new things. I always feel like I’ve worked hard even if, at the start of a session, I didn’t feel like doing anything at all! – Great value for money.”

– Dr A.S, (West Witney)

“When I first considered personal training I did see it as a solution to my motivation problem, i.e. getting someone to force you to exercise regularly. Since starting I have realised that while it does make sure that you don’t miss training sessions, it is much more than that. It ensures that you do one hour of highly focused training including the right quantity and difficulty of each of the weight and aerobic exercises that you need to achieve your objectives. This in itself is very motivating because at the end of the sessions you feel confident that you have made the most of every minute. This is not a feeling I used to get after an hour in the gym, where I would generally make it up as I went along.”

– Craig B, MD (Oxford)


“Being so tired has rarely made me feel so good!”

– Mark H, CEO (Witney)

“My main aim was to try and improve my core stability as I have a weak lower back, as well as to tone up for my wedding! I have really enjoyed all the different types of exercises and have noticed real improvements in my core stability, and my back doesn’t tend to ‘give up’ so much now which makes life a lot easier. I have learnt a lot along the way too and understand why and how the corrective exercises work. I always feel really good after a PT session and it’s something I am continuing to do every week in my continued goal to get a stronger back. I would highly recommend Ben; it was no mean feat to ensure I felt great in my wedding dress and that my back survived my heels!

Excellent, professional first class service”

– Mrs Sarah G, Primary School Teacher (Bicester)

“Our Sixth Form students looked forward to their weekly spin class with Ben who was able to make exercise enjoyable, fun, motivating yet punishing at the same time! Their fitness levels over the weeks increased as they were took through a paced routine enhancing their cardiovascular performance over and beyond their previous levels. Ben made the students feel at ease (or lulled them into a false sense of security!) and ensured each and everyone got the most out of the class; Ben’s drive, enthusiasm, professionalism and not to mention great music! all contributed to the success of his classes.”

Jennifer Holmes -Cokethorpe School, Witney, Oxon


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