<span>Training for</span> Health

Training for Health

Personal Training in Oxford and surrounding areas

All that stands between a good body and a great body is someone to push you just that little bit further than you would push yourself. Whatever your starting point, a personal trainer is just what you need to progress to the next level beyond any self-imposed limits - nothing is impossible!

<span>Group </span>Fitness

Group Fitness

Motivate each other with Group Fitness classes

Training on your own can be hard work and requires lots of self motivation. So why not join one of our fitness classes for rapid results amongst friends? Whether it’s with friends, family, partners, or colleagues we can come to you in your local community so that you can achieve your goals collectively.

Wellbeing for Business

Employee health for business wealth

Most people in employment spend 60% of their waking hours in work, making the workplace a great place to promote the benefits of enjoying a healthy, active, lifestyle. Employees with low fitness levels average 7.7 days of absence per year, and typically stay sicker for longer.

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  • "I attend lunchtime fitness sessions held by Ben from Project Active with a number of my colleagues. They are a great way to train, adding variety, encouragement and planning to a session, sometimes with a bit of healthy competition and always conducted in a good spirit. As an F1 engineer working with the race and test teams I don't have a lot of time, but I really enjoy the sessions which fit well around work and always feel well thought out. Normally a runner, it's been a plus for me to include other activities in my routine and I always feel I've had a workout."

    -Dom H, Wiliams F1 (Autumn 2012)

  • “I have been using Project Active for PT sessions for about 4 years now. I am far too lazy to exercise off my own bat, and so I need the discipline that Ben provides. My goal is as simple as all-round health and keeping trim, and by doing these sessions, I have, almost without realising it, become fit enough to complete a 90 mile bike ride for charity which I actually thoroughly enjoyed. As a desk-based worker I also find the sessions very good for ensuring I remain mobile. Thoroughly recommended!”

    - Carolyn F, (Programme Manager & Team Leader), Witney (Spring 2013)

  • "I have never really been into fitness, even at school I would avoid doing anything more than the bare minimum. I was lucky enough to enjoy a naturally slim figure right through to my mid thirties without doing any proper exercise. Since then the pounds have slowly crept on and earlier this year I decided it was time to do something physical. By chance I heard about Ben’s spinning classes which were being held quite close to where I live. I emailed to check that they were suitable for beginners and attended a trial session. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was hard! I’ve been attending for about eight weeks now and it’s still hard but with Ben’s encouraging banter I am persevering and getting stronger. In fact I am about to sign up for next season’s sessions so it must be good!"

    -Sam D, Accountant (Spring 2013)

  • "We think that you make the spinning sessions fun while challenging ourselves to work harder! Good variety of music-still waiting for the sixties! Always look forward to the next session. Good social group. Although not always able to attend it is nice to have the option of the extra challenges and boot camps. - Keep it up."

    -Brian & Cilla C - Senior Clients (Autumn 2012)